Low voltage warning

Added in firmware version v1.1.3 - see firmware page for how to update.

If the supply voltage is too low for your WOLFWAVE to operate correctly, a flashing warning will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

If the supply voltage is too low while the WOLFWAVE is powering up, an error message "Error: Supply voltage too low" will be displayed until the voltage is high enough.

These error and warning messages should never occur if the recommended supply voltage (DC power of at least 5.5V, or USB) is used, and the power supply can provide enough current.

Note that at high signal levels, the speaker output might experience clipping even if no low voltage warning is displayed. The low voltage warning indicates potential problems with the core functionality of the WOLFWAVE, rather than a lack of optimum speaker performance. For maximum speaker output power, use a DC supply of at least 7V.