Latest firmware version: v1.2.0-20190924
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Updating using Windows

VIDEO instructions from Michael G0POT. Click here.

Download updater app and instructions:
WOLFWAVE updating software (updater app and drivers)
WOLFWAVE update instructions
System requirements: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. Windows 11 not yet tested but should work.
You will also need to download the latest firmware, linked at the top of this page.

Source code (updater app is open source, GPLv2):

Updating using Linux

Either use the updater app (the source code is cross platform but you will need to compile it yourself), or use dfu-util.

On some distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo according to the dfu-util homepage), dfu-util is available through the normal software package repositories so you do not need to compile it yourself.

If using the updater app on Linux, follow the same instructions as for Windows but skip the driver installation. Only follow the instructions for putting the WOLFWAVE into firmware update mode and using the updater app itself.

If using dfu-util, follow the instructions for putting the WOLFWAVE into firmware update mode (hold down firmware update button while connecting cable). Then the correct command to use is:

dfu-util -a 0 -d 0483:df11 -s :leave -D wolfwave-yyyymmdd.dfu
where wolfwave-yyyymmdd.dfu is the path to the latest firmware file.

Updating using Mac

Mac is not officially supported.


The firmware is © 2019-2020 SOTABEAMS, except for the components listed below.

Firmware changelog
Some small improvements to binaural positioning in near-far mode.
Add white noise mode to tone generator.
Add bandstop filtering. There are 10 independent stopbands available, which can be used to block out interfering signals.
Add binaural mode. This makes tones sound as though they are coming from different positions based on their frequency.
Add left/right balance and L/R swap for headphones (may be particularly useful for binaural mode).
Add scrollback feature to the morse decoder, so that previously decoded text can be viewed after it has disappeared off the screen.
Miscellaneous bugfixes.
Slightly improved morse decoding accuracy, particularly for noisy signals or when the WOLFWAVE is located near a strong RF signal.
Add coarse adjustment option for noise reduction level, to allow it to be changed more quickly.
Add low voltage warning. This should never occur if the recommended supply voltage (DC of at least 5.5V, or USB) is used and the power supply can provide enough current.
Some functions, such as saving and loading settings, are now blocked if the voltage is too low for them to work properly (fixes a possible source of EEPROM data corruption).
Fix a problem which sometimes prevented all settings from being saved when "Other settings > Save defaults" is used, and did not generate an error message about the failure.
Change default morse decoder speed range to 5-40 wpm.
Improve morse decoder accuracy and CW signal detection.
Add start-up sound (can be disabled in menu > Other Settings).
Add morse decoder. From the main screen which shows the audio spectrum and bandpass filter settings, press the mode button to switch between bandpass filter and morse decoder mode.
Add standby mode. Press and hold the mode button for a couple of seconds to enter standby. The display and audio hardware will be powered off, and the processor will enter low power mode. Press the mode button again to power back on. All settings are currently reset to power-on defaults when resuming from standby.
Slight improvement to encoder (multi-use knob) rotation sensing.
Improve responsiveness of CW signal detection and noise reduction to sudden changes in noise profile of the input signal, such as when the radio switches from transmit to receive.
Initial public release.